Tara. 15. Colorado.
Anonymous asked:
I see you around the halls at school and honestly I can genuinely say you're beautiful. You are confident in how you walk, and you may not feel confident but every single girl has insecurities. You obviously have a beautiful personality Tara. Homecoming royalty 2 years in a row?!? People look up to you and know that you're a kind person. You're gorgeous inside and out and I know you forget that at times, everyone does, but know that you're absolutely perfect in my eyes and many others too.

This is so kind and heart touching. You have no idea how much you just made my night. It’s kind people like you that make the world continue to go round.

Okay okay okay so I have so much shit bottled up 24/7 and I never vent to anybody so I might as well on my own fucking blog because pretty much nobody that I know follows me and bc this is my blog. Okay so first of all how the fuck do people just accept the fact that were on a hudge rock floating In a galaxy, floating in an even bigger universe surrounded by 100000’s of other galaxies??? That’s the scariest concept ever. Like no matter what we can’t do anything about that. Like 99% of my questions about the universe will never be answered. It’s insane. And something even weirder I am one human being out of 7 billion others. Like everytime you drive past people in the car it’s so weird to think about how each person has there own story to tell. And something even weirder… Dying. No matter what were all going to die. What happends after we die? What’s it going to be like? Will I just vanish and be gone and soon forgotten? How will I die? Holy shit. And another thing I don’t understand. Why is “pretty” or “hot” even a thing. Like people have absolutely NO choice on what they look like, what body type they will have, what their skin is like, teeth, etc.. Like how can we look at someone and tell them they are ugly? It’s not that persons fault that they couldn’t choose their face or features to be “pretty” like I’m so insecure constantly because I know I’m not very pretty and I even get horrible panic attacks because of it. I constantly feel like a fuck up and I constantly feel not good enough despite the multiple people who tell me different. So honestly fuck society and these stupid fucking media people telling us we have to look a certain way to be beautiful. You know what’s actually beautiful? Our character. Our souls. The things that make us who we are and separate us all making none of us the same. So why do we constantly try to all look the same to all try to mend ourselves to be “pretty” idk man. Idk. We’ll I just said the word like about 1000 times hahaha. If you actually read this then ily.


The dichro in Marina is so beautiful.

God I smoke way to much weed